Concrete Myths

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Concrete has no tensile strength Ė and it plays no part in design
Cracks lead to corrosion
Reinforcement helps to prevent cracking
Creep is a problem
Cracks have several different causes
Cracks in reinforced concrete get wider with increased stress
Reinforcing fabric controls cracking
The thicker the concrete the more waterproof it is
Basement slabs need movement joints
Concrete canít be too strong
High-strength concrete is just that
Concrete is fireproof
Radiation can escape through cracks in concrete
Chlorinated water can lead to chloride-induced corrosion of reinforcement
Permeable aggregate leads to permeable concrete
You canít have too much cover to your reinforcement
Lightweight aggregate concrete has less resistance to abrasion than normal weight concrete
Curing and drying are the same thing
Horse urine attacks concrete stable floors
Hot cement speeds up the concrete setting time